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Solkoseril eye gel improves the resistance of tissues to hypoxia. It activates cell metabolism by increasing the transport and accumulation of glucose and oxygen, strengthening the intracellular recycling. Thus, the ATP accelerated metabolism, increase cell energy resources.

Healing effect Solcoseryl manifested in the increase of corneal re-epithelialization after suffering chemical burns (alkali), inflammation, injury.

carmellose sodium, part of the eye anavar results anavar results gel as adjuvant, provides uniform and lasting coverage of the cornea, whereby the active substance is continuously fed into the affected tissue.

The pharmacokinetic characteristics (absorption, distribution, excretion) can not be studied using standard pharmacokinetic techniques, as  contains in its composition of blood components and materials for the body physiology.


  1. Mechanical damage to the cornea and conjunctiva (erosion, trauma), to accelerate the healing process of postoperative scar the cornea and conjunctiva in the postoperative period (after keratoplasty, cataract extraction, antiglaukomatoznyh operations).
  2. Corneal Burns: chemicals (acids and alkalis), thermal, radiation.
  3. Corneal ulcer, keratitis (bacterial, viral, fungal etiology), including neuroparalytic. in the epithelization stage, combined with antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal drugs.
  4. Corneal Dystrophy various origins .
  5. Conjunctival corneal lagophthalmos.
  6. “Dry” keratoconjunctivitis.
  7. In order to reduce the timing of adaptation to the hard and soft contact lenses, and improve their portability.


  1. Hypersensitivity anavar results anavar results to the drug.
  2. Pregnancy (due to lack of evidence from studies of efficacy and safety).
  3. Age of 1 year (due to the lack of these studies the efficacy and safety).

Dosage and administration
If your doctor has not recommended otherwise, instilled 3-4 times daily 1 drop Solcoseryl gel eye in the conjunctival sac to complete disappearance of symptoms.

In severe cases, you can dig Solkoseril gel eye I once per hour. When using eye drops and Solcoseryl eye gel, the gel is applied last, and not earlier than 15 minutes after the drops.

To adapt to the rigid contact lenses Bury Solkoseril eye gel directly into the conjunctival sac prior to installation and after lens removal.

When backfilling should not touch your hands to the spout-pipette.

It is recommended to close the tube immediately after use of the drug.

Side effects
are possible local reactions: rarely – transient slight burning sensation, which is not a reason for discontinuation of the drug; allergic individual.

Manifestations of toxic action in the case of drug overdose Solkoseril gel eye was observed.

The interaction with other drugs
Solkoseril ophthalmic gel may be used in combination with most ophthalmic drugs.

The natural metabolites of the drug Solkoseril eye gel may reduce the effectiveness of topically applied antinukleozidnyh derivatives virostatic action, such as acyclovir or idoxuridine.

Specific guidance
Solcoseryl gel ophthalmic preservative comprises benzalkonium chloride and trace amounts of p-hydroxybenzoates anavar results anavar results and the free benzoic acid , used in the production process. This fact should be taken into account when treating patients susceptible to allergic reactions to these components.

Immediately after treatment Solkoseril eye gel may be a short-term decline in sharpness of vision, therefore, for 20-30 minutes after application of the gel Solcoseryl eye patients should refrain from activities potentially hazardous activities .

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In the treatment of warts keratinized upper layer of the stratum corneum must be deleted.

Skin lesions of 10 mm diameter  processed only if it is established that the pathologically altered only the upper layer of the skin.

In the presence of numerous skin lesions solkoderm treatment should be carried out in several stages, with an interval of approximately 4 weeks. During each procedure no more than anavar for womenlesions total area of no more than 2-3 cm can be processed 2 .

During the procedure, there may be mild transient erythema and the appearance of ischemic white rings on the healthy skin around the site of application of the drug. These phenomena are normal and do not require special treatment. In cases of pain treatment should be immediately interrupted. Within a few days after the procedure, the treated area of skin becomes dark brown in color and dries to form a scab.In the case of unsatisfactory mummification pathologically altered tissue can be carried out a second procedure after a few days.

To facilitate the fixation and mummification pathologically altered tissue undergoing treatment, the affected area should be treated 2-3 times daily swab moistened with 70% alcohol (especially after bathing or after washing).

Use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation, children and the elderly.
Reproductive studies in animals have shown no risk factor to the fetus. The study of the possible impact of the drug on the body of pregnant women and nursing mothers have not been conducted to date.Solkoderm treatment in relation to these patients should be prescribed only in cases where the potential benefits of its application to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus.

In respect of the application are older anavar for women than 5 years are no limitations of the drug in children. With regard to use of the drug in elderly patients there is no limit.

Precautions for use solkoderm.

  1. Do not use solkoderm on the inflamed areas of skin.
  2. In cases of pain treatment should be immediately interrupted.
  3. Applying too Solkoderm large doses may cause acid burns and damage to the deeper layers of tissue.
  4. Special precautions should be followed when applying Solkoderm solution on the face, especially on the skin sites located around the eye,
  5. When there is accidental ingress Solkoderm solution on healthy skin, it must be immediately removed using a water-wet cotton swab. When there is accidental ingress Solkoderm solution into the eye, the eye must rinse immediately with plenty of water or by using a weak alkali solution, for example – 1% sodium bicarbonate solution. The drops that fall on the furniture or clothing, you need to rinse with water solution Solkoderm as Solkoderm can destroy the materials from which they are made.
  6. After a biopsy of the affected area of skin it is recommended to wait 8-10 days before starting treatment with a solution Solkoderm.
  7. Extreme care is required in the treatment of benign skin tumors solkoderm exposed earlier treatment with other drugs and other methods.
  8. Dispose of used vials: Before you throw away the ampoule, the solution should be the remnants rinse under running water. The empty vial may be discarded in the trash.

Side effect

  1. In cases of misuse  (use of too large doses) deeper layers of tissue may be damaged.
  2. Treatment with  often associated with the emergence of short-term burning sensation at the site of application of the drug, continued, usually within a few minutes. When expressed strong local irritation and itching in the surrounding areas of skin cream recommended; steroid containing components or ointment having anesthetic activity.
  3. Application solkoderm may change the pigmentation of the skin and the formation of scar tissue. However, provided that the normal healing process is not accompanied by infection and emerged eschar spontaneously eliminates the risk of such adverse effects is negligible.

Overdose drug
ulcer, formed as a result of an overdose, being treated like a normal wound.

The interaction with other drugs
Interaction Solkoderm with other topical drugs are not established.

As Solkoderm solution is chemically stable after opening the ampoule, for each therapeutic procedure, you must use a new vial.

Before opening the vial should be shaken anavar for women and to knock down the solution has got to the top of the ampoule. The neck of the ampoule is breaking for applied risk. Upon opening a vial should be stored vertically by fixing it in the special slot contour for packaging vials.

In the treatment of affected areas, located next to the mucous membranes, including around the eyes, special precautions should be taken.

Do not remove the scab by scraping or using mechanical means. The scab should fall off spontaneously, or may be in breach of tissue healing and scarring process.

Before reaching complete healing of lesions treated solkoderm (approximately 2-4 months after therapy) should avoid exposure to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. anabolske steroider kob bodybuilding frauen klassen Anabolika kaufen l arginin bodybuilding

anavar results

Solkoderm is a solution containing a concentrated acid, and is intended for topical use in the treatment of benign superficial skin lesions.

When applied topically on the affected areas of the skin Solkoderm leads to immediate intravital fixation followed mummification pathologically altered tissue, with which the drug comes into contact with.

The direct effect of the drug is reflected anavar results in the appearance of skin discoloration characteristic gray or pale yellowish tint. Devitalized tissue after exposure to the drug and dewatered as mummification becomes dark brown in color. Formed spontaneously mummified scab peels off after a few days or weeks.

The combined effects on the affected area of the skin components Solkoderm: nitric acid, cupric nitrate and organic acids (acetic, lactic, oxalic acid) – provides fast locking and devitalization diseased tissue areas subject to treatment.

During therapy Solkoderm not observed any significant absorption of the active substance through the skin; taking into account the minimum amounts of the therapeutic dose, there is no fear of systemic effects of the drug on the body.

Solkoderm is only intended for external use in the treatment of these benign skin changes:

  • Verruca vulgaris (common wart)
  • Verruca plantaris (plantar warts)
  • Condylomata acuminata (genital warts)
  • Naevus naevo-cellularis (nevokletochny nevus, tested for goodness)


  1. Application Solkoderm strictly contraindicated in malignant skin formations prone to metastasis, particularly malignant melanoma.
  2. Solkoderm should not be used in patients with pronounced tendency to the formation of scar tissue.
  3. Solkoderm should not be used for removing freckles and keloids.

Dosing and Administration
Solkoderm intended for external use anavar results only; The procedure should be a physician or medical personnel under the supervision of a physician.

Before the procedure, the area of the affected skin area treated with ethyl alcohol or ether. Solkoderm applied directly to the affected skin. To apply the product to the skin using a special plastic applicator with a sharp and blunt ends, available in each package. The sharp edge is mainly used for applying the product to a small area on the affected skin; the blunt end is used for the treatment of extensive lesions. As an alternative method of applying the product using the supplied glass capillary. Combination skin lesion area of 2-3 cm 2 can also be processed using a glass capillary. To fill drug glass capillary must be a few minutes in a dip solution . It should be particularly careful when applied to avoid applying too much Solkoderm solution and damage the underlying tissue layers. It should be applied as a solution, as it absorbs the fabric of the affected skin area. Solkoderm gently applied to the affected area of skin plastic or glass capillary applicator and then evenly distributed over the surface of the selected area of skin with light pressure using a plastic applicator until complete solution penetration into the tissue. For the next 3-5 minutes you must carefully anavar results observe the changes occurring on the treated area: there is a discoloration of the skin with the appearance of the characteristic pale or yellowish Serov. The procedure should be repeated as long as the changes do not occur above the skin color. gp clen testosterone injections for sale alpha labs steroids anabolic steroid pill andriol testocaps for sale atlas labs steroids buy sustanon 250 organon

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anavar dosage

On the other hand, the multilayer cellular structure squamous epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix and the vaginal mucosa, which are more resistant to the effects anavar dosage remain practically intact. Devitalization and diseased tissue fixation occurs within a few minutes and is accompanied by the appearance of a yellowish-white or gray staining tissue. This phenomenon can not be classified as a cauterizing effect of acids in the usual representation as devitalized (necrotizing) epithelium remains in place in an initial phase and forms a protective layer that peels off after a few days due to the spontaneous growth underneath the new squamous epithelium cells.

The pharmacokinetics of
topical preparations


Benign lesions of superficial tissues of the cervix:

  • Cervical ectopia
  • transformation zone
  • Nabothian cyst (after opening)
  • The polyps of the cervical canal (in the absence of endometrial pathology)
  • postoperative granulomas


  1. Malignant changes in the cervix (the suspicion of malignancy).
  2. Cellular dysplasia.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Hypersensitivity to the drug,

Dosing and Administration
The drug is intended for anavar dosage topical application in the field of superficial tissues of the cervix. The procedure should be carried out by a specialist – gynecologist (using a colposcope). During the procedure, only the affected area should be treated, avoiding contact with skin external genitalia and vaginal epithelium.

  1. Remove vaginal mucus with a cotton swab. Processing affected area 3% acetic acid solution enables more clearly see the lesion borders.
  2. Soak solution Solkovagina small cotton swab, wound on a wooden stick. Treat the affected area.
  3. After 1-2 minutes of treatment repeated using fresh cotton swab impregnated with a solution Solkovagina. Experience has shown that this double treatment enhances the therapeutic effect.
  4. Solkovagina treatment on an outpatient basis and does not include any restrictions in the adoption of water treatment and management of sexual life.
  5. Inspection carried out according to the scheme: 1 examination – 10 days after the procedure; 2 examination – 14 days after the inspection of 1; 3 inspection – 14 days after the 2 inspection. In case of unsatisfactory results examination, it is necessary to re-treatment (2 procedures) and make regular check-ups on the above scheme.

Solkovagina is a preparation containing concentrated acids. Avoid contact with the drug on your clothes, skin and especially – in the eye. In case of contact anavar dosage solution on the skin of the external genitalia or epithelium of the vagina should be immediately washed with water entering the drug area. After contact Solkovagina solution to the skin or eyes, immediately rinse the contact zone of the preparation with plenty of water and, if possible, a neutralizing solution, such as 1% sodium bicarbonate solution.

The procedure for the use and disposal of packaging (see. Figure).

  1. Open the bottle cap.
  2. Lower the vial cotton swab, wound on a wooden rod. The contents of one vial is designed to hold two procedures.
  3. Following the procedure used to put a cotton swab into the vial approximately 1 cm, and break off the rod.
  4. Close the vial attached to the packaging of the rubber stopper in order to avoid getting grout on surrounding objects, then throw in the trash.

To date, there were no side effects when usedanavar dosage. The treatment is painless and does not lead to scarring or cervical canal deformation.

Overdose (intoxication) drug
When excessive use of the drug may cause burns, which can lead to pathological changes in cervical epithelium. Treatment: symptomatic.

The interaction with other drugs
Interaction Solkovagina with other topical drugs are not established. clomid 50mg anabole steroide kaufen deutschland testosteron tabletten steroide sicher kaufen bodybuilding course growth hormone for sale uk beef jerky bodybuilding bodybuilding muscle groups masteron steroid bodybuilding accessories does steroids cause weight gain Buy Steroids non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for rheumatoid arthritis musiques zumba fac fitness body tempo planning

anavar cycle for women

Signs of severe complications after the abolition oanavar cycle for women are: (1) any two, or repeated to identify a change in one of the following: indicators: reduction in platelet count of 25% or less compared to the original value or the maximum platelet count during anavar cycle for women ; increase in the serum creatinine concentration by 25% or more as compared with the initial value or the minimum level of the drug during therapy  ; or increased serum activity 25% or more as compared with the initial value or the minimum value during drug  ; or (2) any of the following symptoms: change of mentality or cramps; angina or shortness of breath; thrombosis.

Long-term follow up of patients after discontinuation to detect severe complications  must be at least 12 weeks. In the case of severe complications  after cessation of treatment  , it is recommended to resume therapy , assign maintenance treatment using plasmapheresis exchange or plasma transfusions, or the appropriate specific supportive therapy including hemodialysis, mechanical ventilation or anticoagulation. In clinical trials of the drug Soliris ® in 18 patients canceled Agus therapy (5 patients in a prospective study). After skipping the next dose of the drug in five patients developed seven severe complications TMA, and in 4 of these 5 patients therapy with Soliris was resumed. Educational materials All physicians who plan should familiarize themselves with the “Guidelines for doctors on the use of the ». It should instruct patients, anavar cycle for women with an increase in body temperature above 39 ° C, the development of the headache, combined with fever and / or a sense of “tightness” of the neck or photophobia, they should immediately seek medical attention, as this may be signs of meningococcal infection. Auxiliary substances to patients who are on a strict salt-free diet, you need to keep in mind that each vial of product contains 5.00 mmol sodium. The remaining unused medication in the syringe should be immediately disposed of, as in its composition does not include preservatives. Do not reuse the syringe or needles. Any unused or consumables must be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Effect on the driving ability and working mechanisms

Studies on the effect on the ability to drive anavar cycle for women vehicles and use machinery have not revealed the negative impact  , however, given the possibility of adverse reactions on the background of drug treatment (eg, headache, dizziness, weakness), you need to take extra care when driving and operating machinery.

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