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However, patients should be warned about the possibility of activation of the infection on the background of treatment with Soliris ® and its possible symptoms. Infusion Reactions Intravenous anavar reviews , as well as the introduction of other protein drugs may be associated with hypersensitivity reactions, including anaphylaxis. Despite the lack of clinical data on the development of such reactions in the treatment , in the case of severe infusion reaction, the introduction of the drug should be discontinued and symptomatic therapy is appointed.

Immunogennost Low titer antibodies detected in the patients as treatment and placebo (4.8%). Agus Patients receiving , registered to the appearance of antibodies anavar only cycle in 3 cases out of 100 (3%). In the case of 1 100 (1%) patients reported Agus appearance of neutralizing antibodies. There were no correlation of antibody titer and clinical efficacy or side effects.Immunization Prior to therapy with in all patients and Agus recommended be fully vaccinated according to the national calendar of preventive vaccinations. In addition, at least 2 weeks prior to treatment with , all patients should necessarily be introduced meningococcal vaccine, preferably tetravalent conjugated. Patients that treatment with was launched earlier than 2 weeks after vaccination against meningococcal disease should receive appropriate prophylactic antibiotics within 2 weeks after vaccination. Patients younger than 18 years should be vaccinated as against Haemophilus influenzae and pneumococcus in strict accordance with the national immunization schedule.

Anticoagulation Recommendations for anticoagulation should not be changed in connection with the appointment anavar reviews . Laboratory control of the treatment of APG Patients APG background treatment to control the expression of intravascular hemolysis is necessary to determine the lactate dehydrogenase activity in serum. If necessary, dose adjustment during maintenance therapy the frequency of administration, defined the scope of 14 ± 2 days, may be increased to 1 times every 12 days.Laboratory control of the treatment of Agus Patients Agus on the background of treatment with control of the anavar side effects should be carried out with the help of regular monitoring of the platelet count, activity and serum creatinine. If necessary, dose adjustment during maintenance therapy the frequency of administration, defined the scope of 14 ± 2 days, may be increased to 1 times every 12 days.

Termination of treatment patients for whom therapy was discontinued, should be under medical supervision for ensure control over the intensity of intravascular hemolysis. Signs of severe hemolysis are: activity in serum is higher than before the start of therapy anavar reviews , in combination with one of the following: a decrease of more than 25% of the population cells (no dilution effect in the case of blood transfusion) for 1 week or before; hemoglobin concentration is less than anavar reviews or a decrease of more than 40 g / l in 1 week or less; occurrence of angina or increase in its severity; mental disorders; increasing the concentration of creatinine in the blood of 50% or thrombosis. Duration of monitoring of patients after discontinuation must be at least 8 weeks. If signs of severe hemolysis after cessation of treatment oxandrolone cycle , it is recommended to assign a blood transfusion (RBC) and to have an exchange transfusion in the event that according to flow cytometric cell population of the total number of erythrocytes; and appoint anticoagulants, corticosteroids, or resume therapy with . These observations in 16 patients APG, whose therapy was discontinued, did not reveal they gain intensity intravascular haemolysis. Discontinuation of treatment Agus patients in clinical trials in patients Agus observed the development of severe thrombotic microangiopathy complications after treatment discontinuation. Patients Agus, who stopped treatment with Soliris ® , should be under medical supervision to monitor for signs and symptoms of severe complications of thrombotic microangiopathy. online anabolic steroids pharmacy

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