anavar cycle for women

Signs of severe complications after the abolition oanavar cycle for women are: (1) any two, or repeated to identify a change in one of the following: indicators: reduction in platelet count of 25% or less compared to the original value or the maximum platelet count during anavar cycle for women ; increase in the serum creatinine concentration by 25% or more as compared with the initial value or the minimum level of the drug during therapy  ; or increased serum activity 25% or more as compared with the initial value or the minimum value during drug  ; or (2) any of the following symptoms: change of mentality or cramps; angina or shortness of breath; thrombosis.

Long-term follow up of patients after discontinuation to detect severe complications  must be at least 12 weeks. In the case of severe complications  after cessation of treatment  , it is recommended to resume therapy , assign maintenance treatment using plasmapheresis exchange or plasma transfusions, or the appropriate specific supportive therapy including hemodialysis, mechanical ventilation or anticoagulation. In clinical trials of the drug Soliris ® in 18 patients canceled Agus therapy (5 patients in a prospective study). After skipping the next dose of the drug in five patients developed seven severe complications TMA, and in 4 of these 5 patients therapy with Soliris was resumed. Educational materials All physicians who plan should familiarize themselves with the “Guidelines for doctors on the use of the ». It should instruct patients, anavar cycle for women with an increase in body temperature above 39 ° C, the development of the headache, combined with fever and / or a sense of “tightness” of the neck or photophobia, they should immediately seek medical attention, as this may be signs of meningococcal infection. Auxiliary substances to patients who are on a strict salt-free diet, you need to keep in mind that each vial of product contains 5.00 mmol sodium. The remaining unused medication in the syringe should be immediately disposed of, as in its composition does not include preservatives. Do not reuse the syringe or needles. Any unused or consumables must be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Effect on the driving ability and working mechanisms

Studies on the effect on the ability to drive anavar cycle for women vehicles and use machinery have not revealed the negative impact  , however, given the possibility of adverse reactions on the background of drug treatment (eg, headache, dizziness, weakness), you need to take extra care when driving and operating machinery.

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