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On the other hand, the multilayer cellular structure squamous epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix and the vaginal mucosa, which are more resistant to the effects anavar dosage remain practically intact. Devitalization and diseased tissue fixation occurs within a few minutes and is accompanied by the appearance of a yellowish-white or gray staining tissue. This phenomenon can not be classified as a cauterizing effect of acids in the usual representation as devitalized (necrotizing) epithelium remains in place in an initial phase and forms a protective layer that peels off after a few days due to the spontaneous growth underneath the new squamous epithelium cells.

The pharmacokinetics of
topical preparations


Benign lesions of superficial tissues of the cervix:

  • Cervical ectopia
  • transformation zone
  • Nabothian cyst (after opening)
  • The polyps of the cervical canal (in the absence of endometrial pathology)
  • postoperative granulomas


  1. Malignant changes in the cervix (the suspicion of malignancy).
  2. Cellular dysplasia.
  3. Pregnancy.
  4. Hypersensitivity to the drug,

Dosing and Administration
The drug is intended for anavar dosage┬átopical application in the field of superficial tissues of the cervix. The procedure should be carried out by a specialist – gynecologist (using a colposcope). During the procedure, only the affected area should be treated, avoiding contact with skin external genitalia and vaginal epithelium.

  1. Remove vaginal mucus with a cotton swab. Processing affected area 3% acetic acid solution enables more clearly see the lesion borders.
  2. Soak solution Solkovagina small cotton swab, wound on a wooden stick. Treat the affected area.
  3. After 1-2 minutes of treatment repeated using fresh cotton swab impregnated with a solution Solkovagina. Experience has shown that this double treatment enhances the therapeutic effect.
  4. Solkovagina treatment on an outpatient basis and does not include any restrictions in the adoption of water treatment and management of sexual life.
  5. Inspection carried out according to the scheme: 1 examination – 10 days after the procedure; 2 examination – 14 days after the inspection of 1; 3 inspection – 14 days after the 2 inspection. In case of unsatisfactory results examination, it is necessary to re-treatment (2 procedures) and make regular check-ups on the above scheme.

Solkovagina is a preparation containing concentrated acids. Avoid contact with the drug on your clothes, skin and especially – in the eye. In case of contact anavar dosage solution on the skin of the external genitalia or epithelium of the vagina should be immediately washed with water entering the drug area. After contact Solkovagina solution to the skin or eyes, immediately rinse the contact zone of the preparation with plenty of water and, if possible, a neutralizing solution, such as 1% sodium bicarbonate solution.

The procedure for the use and disposal of packaging (see. Figure).

  1. Open the bottle cap.
  2. Lower the vial cotton swab, wound on a wooden rod. The contents of one vial is designed to hold two procedures.
  3. Following the procedure used to put a cotton swab into the vial approximately 1 cm, and break off the rod.
  4. Close the vial attached to the packaging of the rubber stopper in order to avoid getting grout on surrounding objects, then throw in the trash.

To date, there were no side effects when usedanavar dosage. The treatment is painless and does not lead to scarring or cervical canal deformation.

Overdose (intoxication) drug
When excessive use of the drug may cause burns, which can lead to pathological changes in cervical epithelium. Treatment: symptomatic.

The interaction with other drugs
Interaction Solkovagina with other topical drugs are not established. clomid 50mg anabole steroide kaufen deutschland testosteron tabletten steroide sicher kaufen bodybuilding course growth hormone for sale uk beef jerky bodybuilding bodybuilding muscle groups masteron steroid bodybuilding accessories does steroids cause weight gain Buy Steroids non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs for rheumatoid arthritis musiques zumba fac fitness body tempo planning